Some residents have spoken about what they think about living at Westwood, read their comments about what it is like.


“Mary (on the left) enjoying a trip out to the Boatyard Inn at Riley Green with friends from Westwood”

Mary’s comments:

“I have been here for about 11 months now, I came here after I had been unwell in Hospital. Before that I lived locally in Whittle Le Woods.

I like it at Westwood. I have friends here that I like to chat with. My son visits regularly and it’s no problem for friends and family to visit at any time. I look forward to the activities every afternoon as I like to be busy doing things. The food at Westwood is good too; I especially like the roast dinners on a Sunday.

We’ve been on trips out most recently to Botany Bay and to the Boatyard Inn at Riley Green. It’s nice to get out for a bit of fresh air and a change of scenery.”

Anna’s comments:

“I have been here since June 2015, I used to work at Westwood many years ago so it’s like coming home.

I like music, especially Frank Sinatra, and especially enjoy the entertainers we have at Westwood. I always have a go at the activities we have in the afternoons, I have tried everything including painting, crafts, bingo, sing-a-longs and quizzes too. I enjoy the afternoon trips out and really love to see any little children who may visit.

I have a good friend here and like to chat to her. I think I am usually a cheerful person and like to have a chat and joke with the others.”

Resident - Anna

“Anna busy with crafts on one of the activities afternoons”