Our Care

At Westwood we treat all residents as individuals and provide person centred care. This begins before admission to the home as our Manager or Deputy Manager will come out to visit you and carry out an initial assessment to see if Westwood can meet your needs.

On admission to the home, a personalised care plan is devised with you. We try to find out as much as we can about you, your likes and dislikes, your daily routine, so we can incorporate this with your care at Westwood.

If you are unable to perform certain tasks our well trained, cheerful staff are here to help you, whether it be full personal hygiene or just a hand to put on your socks and shoes. We have specialised baths and showers and our staff are always on hand to help with your bathing if needed. Where you are able to do things for yourself, we encourage this as it is important to maintain your independence.

Should you need the optician, podiatrist, hairdresser or medical professionals to visit you at Westwood, we will gladly arrange this on your behalf.